This week’s sports industry reading list

Thanks for stopping by for this, the first sports industry reading list of 2016. If you’re a new reader, this is my weekly (ish) pick of the best writing on the global business of sport from around the internet – a mix of profiles, columns, features from bloggers, journalists and industry insiders. If you’re already a regular, welcome back. To business: here’s my choice of the best pieces from over the festive period and this first week of January.

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • Published on Boxing Day, the Mail on Sunday’s Oliver Holt interviewed Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes-Benz’s motorsport division and the man at the top of Formula One’s dominant team. I’ve read and watched plenty of interviews with Wolff, but Holt brings the fresh perspective of a non-Formula One specialist (although he knows his stuff, having covered the sport for the Times in the 1990s) – he teases out some really interesting lines on how to handle his pair of star drivers and how further domination might ultimately risk harming Mercedes’ brand. It’s well worth a read.
  • Incidentally, former Chicago Tribune journalist Philip Hersh has a new blog, likely to feature its fair share of Olympic coverage, worth bookmarking. It’s called Globetrotting.
  • Ken Belson, writing in the New York Times, put together this fascinating piece on Frisco, Texas – the home of the Dallas Cowboys’ fairly remarkable new training facility; the piece also examines the growing commercialisation of NFL training facilities, led, predictably enough, by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
  • And sticking with the NFL, this is a good piece on the (gradual) changing face of NFL Films, purveyors for so long of the cinematic, montage-heavy footage that the league trades on, in a digital world – it’s written by Wired’s Brian Barrett as part of a collaboration with Sports Illustrated.
  • And finally, Mark Burns, a Forbes contributor, must have spent a fair old time gathering these 2016 forecasts from a host of sports business personalities. There is some obvious stuff and a few very safe bets in among the 20,000 words that followed (plus a lot of eSports), but there’s a few gems in there too. Put some time aside and have a read.

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