The sports industry week: 10 points of interest

If you work in sport, or just have a passing interest in the industry, here’s a few things from the past few days – some obvious, a few perhaps not so – you ought to be aware of. Do let me know if you think it’s of use.

  • John Collins, one of the NHL’s most senior executives, is stepping down.

More next week. Between now and then feel free to share via Twitter or email me with thoughts/comments etc.


The sports industry week: 10 points of interest

The sports industry reading list returns soon at this location, but in the meantime here (in no particular order) are ten points of interest from the week in sport, business and media which may or may not be of interest to anyone working in and around the sports industry. Do let me know if you find it useful.

  • The McLaren Formula One team is losing its longest-standing partner – Tag Heuer – to Red Bull next season.
  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell pops over to Silicon Valley, as the league evaluates whether to carve out a larger live streaming package.

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