This week’s sports industry reading list – 29/5/15

As is becoming something of a habit, here’s my selection of the best sports industry writing of the week – the must-reads from the mainstream press, specialist titles and sports industry trade media. To business:

The big three stories of the week

  • The Fifa story (all puns now exhausted): One of those rare weeks when the biggest sports industry story also happens to be the biggest story in the world. This one’s seismic, with plenty of moving parts – it’s still unfolding as I write and you won’t have to look far to find the latest. It’s always interesting to watch when a sports industry story enters the mainstream media.

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • CNN has been running an interesting series this week examining sport’s new frontiers – Kazakhstan, which might shortly be hosting an Olympics; Azerbaijan, which will shortly be hosting the first European Games; and secretive Turkmenistan. This Amanda Davies piece from Ashgabat is well worth a read:
  • In amongst the wealth of pieces and millions of words on Fifa, Blatter and corruption this week, this Guardian piece, from Zambia, underlining how the president carved out his power base was perhaps the pick:

This week’s sports industry reading list – 22/5/15

Against the odds, we’ve reached week two of this blog – thanks for reading and be sure to tell colleagues and friends about it, because it’s now officially a series. As ‘regulars’ will know, it’s designed to be a romp through the best writing on the sports industry – the much talked-of global business of sport – over the past few days (or at least the things I’ve read and liked or thought were particularly interesting). To business:

The big three stories of the week

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • SportsPro unveiled its annual most marketable athlete’s list this week – I had a little part to play in who was in and who was out before leaving – and with a woman in the number one slot for the first time new magazine editor Eoin Connolly examines the evolving commercial landscape for female athletes – it’s a typically fantastic piece:
  • The Swiss Ramble’s blog is a must for anyone who has an interest in the finances of football clubs – here’s a great example from this week, as he pours over the books of Championship play-off finalist Middlesbrough:

That’s all for now. Happy reading, sports industry.

This week’s sports industry reading list – 15/5/15

In the first of what may or may not become a regular series, here’s my selection of the most interesting and pertinent sports industry-related pieces from the last few days – a non-exhaustive combination of profiles, interviews, perspectives and analysis from a combination of the mainstream press, sports industry trade titles, sport-specific publications and good old-fashioned blogs. First things first: the big three sports industry stories (as I see them, at least) of the week.

The big three stories of the week

This week’s sports industry must reads

  • My old SportsPro colleague Michael Long went to Istanbul recently and came back with this terrific examination of 15 years of commercial growth for Euroleague basketball:

Not strictly sport industry-related but interesting nonetheless:

Happy reading, sports industry – follow me on Twitter if you like, @DavidCushnan