This week’s sports industry reading list

Welcome to the sports industry reading list, a hopefully handy guide to the best in recent writing on the global business of sport. As always, contributions come from a combination of newspaper and magazine websites, specialist sport sites and marketing, media and sports trade publications. Quick, Euro 2016’s about to start – so let’s get moving. To business:

This week’s sports industry must-reads 

  • I’m absolutely not qualified to tell you anything you don’t already know about the late Muhammad Ali. I’m too young to have seen him fight, but just about old enough to have some sort of appreciation of his immense contribution to sport, pop culture and society – and to the business of sport. I was in the same room as him once, at a Beyond Sport event just before the London Olympics in 2012, although of course he was by then but a shadow of his former self, Parkinson’s sadly taking hold. You’ll doubtless have read many tributes, obituaries and reflections on Ali in recent days (the internet is understandably full of them) but these pieces – one by the Telegraph’s Paul Hayward and this by the late Frank Keating in the Guardian – jumped out at me on Saturday morning. Do also have a read of my dad’s Ali reflections over on his blog.
  • A really interesting piece by Julia Greenberg published last week by Wired here on the NBA’s foray into China and the lessons some of America’s other international brands can learn.

That’s this week’s selection. Do drop by again soon. In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter – @DavidCushnan – or reach me via email:


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