This week’s sports industry reading list

Hello friends. Welcome along to the sports industry reading list, your weekly one-stop shop stocked full of terrific and interesting pieces about the global business of sport. As always, what follows is a mix of pieces from newspaper websites, other online platforms, specialist sports business-related publications and blogs. Ready? Set? To business.

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • In the week the National Football League (NFL) signed what some have described as a game-changer of a live streaming deal with Twitter, the New York Times’ Joe Nocera put together this really good piece on why the league ought to be examining how WWE has been carving up its broadcast and digital rights. This is must-read for anyone interested in the rapidly changing media landscape and how it might affect sport.
  • Sport Business’ Frank Dunne is always worth reading on the subject of sports broadcast rights. His mischievous account of his time at the recent Sportel Asia sports rights market in Singapore is packed full of juicy gossip – it’s well worth your time to understand who is (and might be) talking to who.
  • As Formula One reverted back to its 2015 qualifying format (and let me not be the first to say not before time), Will Buxton, writing on his Buxton Blog, skilfully unpicked the sport’s current political state of play, pointing out that the mess of the past few weeks was about far more than a debate over how cars will line up on the starting grid.

There you go, a short but undoubtedly sweet selection of this week’s best sportsbiz writing. As ever, do feel free to bookmark, promote, share and, most importantly, come back next week more. You can email me at and follow me on Twitter @DavidCushnan.






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