This week’s sports industry reading list

After a brief hiatus, the potentially award-winning sports industry reading list is back. For the uninitiated, what follows is a compilation of the writing on the global business of sport that’s caught my eye over the past few days. It could be a particularly interesting blog post, newspaper article or longer feature – anything goes, so long as it’s good and about the sports industry. To business:

This week’s sports industry must-reads:

  • In politics and the sports industry, it’s conference season in the UK. My old friends at SportsPro were first out of the blocks last week, staging the second edition of The Brand Conference, at the Oval in London. If you weren’t there or were busy engaging in some high-level chit-chat out the back, catch-up on what you missed in this handy live blog.
  • The organisers of Tokyo 2020 last week recommended the inclusion of baseball-softball, karate, sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding on the Olympic sports programme which meant there was no place, despite another concerted effort, for squash. One of the sport’s stars, Nick Matthew, penned a column for his local newspaper, the Sheffield Star, to express his disappointment.
  • These are interesting times in Formula One, with Red Bull’s future in the sport far from certain. Both its teams, Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, find themselves without an engine for the 2016 season after ditching Renault, failing to secure a deal with Mercedes and still to agree terms with Ferrari. It’s a fascinating, highly political situation and one explained brilliantly this week by the BBC’s Andrew Benson.

That’s your lot. Do get in touch if you feel the need – – and be sure to share generously on Twitter: @davidcushnan.


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