This week’s sports industry reading list

Hello reader, this is London calling and it’s time for another sports industry reading list. Here’s where I select what I consider to be the best, or at least the most interesting, writing on the global business of sport from the past few days (think of it as a sort-of Buzzfeed, minus the high-minded editorial philosophy – and the traffic). It could be something from the so-called mainstream media, a piece from a sport-specific website,  something from the sports industry trade press or a particularly interesting blog post from a sports business insider. But enough small-talk. To business:

The big three stories of the week

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • The new NFL season began last Thursday, but, following the ‘deflategate’ saga, much of the focus remains on the league’s commissioner Roger Goodell and his competence. Reporters Don van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham took a close look at the relationship between Goodell and the New England Patriots over a period which has seen several controversies, producing this riveting read for ESPN.

That’s all for now – enjoy reading the pieces and, should you feel the need, do get in touch at or on Twitter @DavidCushnan


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