This week’s sports industry reading list

Time for the latest sports industry reading list, a hand-picked selection of the best writing on the business of sport from around the world and across the internet. Below, as always, you’ll find pieces from the traditional media, specialist sports websites and the sports industry trade media from the past few days. To business:

The big three stories of the week

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • A few days before Usain Bolt ‘saved’ athletics by beating Justin Gatlin to retain his men’s 100m world title, Lord Sebastian Coe was elected as the IAAF’s next president. As you’ll be aware, his to-do list is lengthy. Christopher Clarey, writing with typical clarity in the New York Times, examined the scale of the challenge facing the Briton as he assumes office.
  • There’s much to like, if you’re that way inclined, on the Motor Sport magazine website and this column from contributor Matt Oxley paints a vivid, and not altogether flattering, picture of how the MotoGP paddock is becoming increasingly divorced from reality – there’s a lesson here for sports properties the world over.
  • And finally, less a must-read than a must-watch. BBC Radio 5 Live sports correspondent Richard Conway recently sat down with the soon-to-stand-down Sepp Blatter for an in-depth interview. And it’s excellent. Say what you like about Blatter – and plenty have – but he makes for compelling viewing.

That’s this week’s sports industry reading list. Any and all feedback can be emailed to, or via Twitter: @davidcushnan


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