This week’s sports industry reading list

The Premier League is back! Action, goals, controversy, goals, action and goals are nigh-on guaranteed over the next ten months or so (and, in case you missed them, this weekend’s scores included 1-0, 0-2, 2-2 and a rather tasty 4-2) but here on this blog it’s strictly business – with just a hint of pleasure. Just below you’ll find, as always, the best writing of the week on subjects that matter to the global sports industry. To business:

The big three stories of the week

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • There was a predictable flurry of one year to go pieces from all the usual sources as Rio 2016 celebrated the milestone-of-sorts last week. The most interesting was this Guardian piece, penned by Jonathan Watts, on the elderly property developer making hay in the host city:
  • Sports Business Journal’s executive editor Abraham D. Madkour put together this thorough review of the major talking points from the first half of 2015. An American slant, of course, but well worth a read:
  • Anything Alan Abrahamson writes is worth reading – his pieces from Kazan and the world swimming championships this week have been top-notch – and this piece on the Olympic sports selection process for Tokyo 2020 and the IOC’s quest to appeal to a younger demographic is no exception:
  • Certain sports dominate the headlines, even from a commercial perspective, but every sport – big, small, developed or emerging – has its own interesting business tale to tell. With that in mind, Sportcal’s Martin Ross explains the finances and organisation behind the World Orienteering Championships, staged last week in Scotland: 
  • Major League Baseball Advanced Media stands out alongside McLaren Applied Technologies and Jockey Club Services as a prime example of smart, innovative sports industry thinking. In the week it confirmed a major partnership with the NHL, The Verge’s Ben Popper took an in-depth look at the spin-off business which has become a giant in its own right:

Something for everyone there, I’m sure. Do come back next week for more and if you feel the need, feel free to drop me a line at or on Twitter: @davidcushnan


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