This week’s sports industry reading list – 26/6/15

Another week, another reading list. Below, you’ll find the best (at least to my eyes) writing of the week on the global business of sport, be it from the mainstream press, specialist titles or the sports industry trade media. To business: let’s get going with the big three stories of the week.

The big three stories of the week

  • The British and French challengers for the next America’s Cup unveil title sponsors.

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • BBC sports editor Dan Roan took a detailed look at the legacy of London’s Olympic Stadium, amid controversy over the cost of renovations and as West Ham United prepare to move in:
  • It’s just over a month until the troubled race for the winter Olympics comes to its conclusion, with only Beijing and Almaty still in contention. The New York Times’ Sam Borden wrote this about the latter’s first-time bid:
  • Staying with the New York Times, here’s Rich Sandomir’s fairly damning review of Fox’s first effort at broadcasting the US Open last weekend:
  • Italian football club Parma was declared bankrupt this week – David Gendelman, in a piece published on the Guardian website, explained how it has come to this. It’s a fantastic bit of work:
  • Daily Telegraph tennis correspondent Simon Briggs produced this excellent examination of how Wimbledon became the tournament it is today – and looks at the impact made by a 17-year old German who lifted the trophy 30 years ago:

That’s the best of the week on the business of sport. Thanks for taking a look and do drop by next week. Email:; Twitter: @davidcushnan


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