This week’s sports industry reading list – 29/5/15

As is becoming something of a habit, here’s my selection of the best sports industry writing of the week – the must-reads from the mainstream press, specialist titles and sports industry trade media. To business:

The big three stories of the week

  • The Fifa story (all puns now exhausted): One of those rare weeks when the biggest sports industry story also happens to be the biggest story in the world. This one’s seismic, with plenty of moving parts – it’s still unfolding as I write and you won’t have to look far to find the latest. It’s always interesting to watch when a sports industry story enters the mainstream media.

This week’s sports industry must-reads

  • CNN has been running an interesting series this week examining sport’s new frontiers – Kazakhstan, which might shortly be hosting an Olympics; Azerbaijan, which will shortly be hosting the first European Games; and secretive Turkmenistan. This Amanda Davies piece from Ashgabat is well worth a read:
  • In amongst the wealth of pieces and millions of words on Fifa, Blatter and corruption this week, this Guardian piece, from Zambia, underlining how the president carved out his power base was perhaps the pick:

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